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USAID Alumni Association: An Inspiring Idea

USAID AA is an idea in action. It has inspired me into action. I have embarked upon the activation of alumni association of my alma mater- university.
hope this will change lives.


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Proud to be a member of USAID ALUMNI ASSOCIATION

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Excellent initiative to bring all the resources at one platform. Great opportunity to share knowledge, skills and experience.

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Holistic approach is highly expected to be incorporated in all the strategically planning and implementation at all levels, for making steps/raise assurance for bringing more befitting and true means and spirit manner. Good Luck Core Team.

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Dear Raffique Burriro,
It's a long time we didn't meet, I can recall and remember clearly the days when we participated in a ToT under Training for Pakistan. I really missed the movements we spent together and the way we discussed, shared and exchange our idea, spirit and motivations during those days. The credit goes to USAID Alumina Association for bringing us together on a platform for reconnecting and synergizing-that will create and promote our professional relations, communication and coordination in future. Will love to see you some day in any of the Alumina Program or come to my Karachi office some day. Take good care of you. Regards,