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Alumni Board Elections

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USAID Alumni Association: An Inspiring Idea

USAID AA is an idea in action. It has inspired me into action. I have embarked upon the activation of alumni association of my alma mater- university.
hope this will change lives.

3 Days Training Opportunity on “Procurement Management Policy &Procedure”

We are seeking expression of interest from CBOs of Gujranwala and Khushab for a free 3 Days Training Opportunity on “Procurement Management Policy &Procedure”

New Training opportunities

Any new training opportunities in business development, agriculture or water management?

Education in FATA

according to a recent survey FATA is lack of about 8000 basic schools(Primary Schools),And the most alarming thing is that in FATA girl's education is just about 0.5%.

sustainability of Projects

i have seen many projects in development sectors i.e NPO/NGO could not remain for long time, even fail to sustainable.

My article on "Pakistan Need Young Farmer"

Hello friends,
As we know, Pakistan's more than 60 percent population is settled in rural areas and more than it is directly or indirectly dependant on agriculture. Here is my article about why Pakistan need more young farmers for better economy, on the following link


Alumni Association will definitely need individuals who can work as volunteers to steer their own association. Progressive socieities encourage concept of volunteering so the ones who had benefitted from the society give back to the society in shape of their knowledge and skills acquired over a period of time.

A good start - Alumni Association

It was encouraging to have its first meeting at Islamabad with an aim to form Alumni Association to be managed by the Alumni themselves. The concept of ownership by the alumni to run the association on sustainable basis. Well done USAID TFP.

Let' s take single step to open the closed Schools and Promote girls Education in rural Areas.

A child without education, is like  a bird without wings . to day in pakistan specially in my rural areas girls are  unable to seek primary education due to some societal chlallenges.