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USAID Helps Local E-Commerce Website Go Global

Entrepreneurship coaching is scarce in Pakistan, especially coaching that uses international case studies and practical networks of entrepreneurs as inspiration. This is why Saad Jangda, idea-smith of an e-commerce company found his US training transformational. Saad is the owner of, a leading e-commerce site in Pakistan with an annual revenue of over USD 3 million.

Propelling Pakistani Women Forward in Modern Agriculture Through

When you think of a farmer in Pakistan, you don’t immediately think of a woman. Rabia Sultan is rapidly changing that perception. As an educated Pakistani entrepreneur who has been working in agriculture for the last twenty years, she is doing more than just breaking stereotypes – she is farming better than her peers. She credits this to training funded by the U.S. government which has added to her skill set and knowledge.

Controlled Farming In Pakistan Is No Longer Just An Aspiration

It is rare to find local off-season vegetables in Pakistan. This is soon going to change thanks to Qazi Naeem Ullah. His family has farmed over three generations, but now things are different – he has implemented controlled farming in its most practical sense. He credits this to training funded by the U.S. government which has added to his skill set and knowledge.

Making Pakistan Prosperous and Beautiful with Flowers

The adage “your work defines you” has never been truer than when you meet Noshin Sarfraz. Her gentle ways and mannerisms seem to blend perfectly with the beautiful rainbow of colors that bloom in her flower garden – petunia cherry, salvia rose, antirrhinum dwarf and all varieties of roses, carnations and dahlias. When it comes to work, Noshin is as resilient as the perennials she grows and as constant as an evergreen

Better Thinkers Make Better Teachers

Dr. Afshan Huma grew up in a household that had high ambitions for her education, but she has now exceeded even her family’s expectations. Ten years ago she began to pursue a PhD in Education from the United Kingdom but discontinued it because of a financial crunch. Still, her dream remained alive. Today, she holds the first PhD in her family, thanks to a full scholarship from USAID. “I believe I have been lucky to have such a superb opportunity for which I am ever so grateful to USAID.”

Transforming Lives - Help for dreaming big

Hamid lights up as he talks about his ambitions for a better and brighter future “My parents value education more than anything for us. It is only through education that one can become what they want with dignity and pride,” said the 18 year old. More parents in his community are dreaming big for their children, which would not be possible without the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).