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USAID Pakistan Alumni Association

Join the USAID Pakistan Alumni Association!

USAID-sponsored training is a special experience.  Participants learn new techniques, meet inspiring peers, and sometimes travel to other countries.

The alumni association connects USAID-sponsored training participants so they can network, learn how to apply their newly-acquired skills, and share their experiences with others to benefit their jobs, their communities, and their country.  

Alumni association members are eligible for small grants that will help them transform their new knowledge into action by implementing new projects.

Anyone who has received more than 16 hours of training through a USAID funded Project is eligible to take part in this exciting association, which is supported by USAID’s Training for Pakistan project.

Two-Day Capacity Building Workshop for USAID Alumni Association Board of Directors

On December 17 and 18 2016, World Learning Senior Advisor, Kevin Carew led the two-day workshop to help the Alumni Board members develop the skills and knowledge to manage the Board. The workshop was held at USAID TFP Office, Islamabad. The process led to the development of a draft action plan and operational plan. Eight of the nine board members from Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad Chapters were able to attend the workshop. 


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