Training for Pakistan Project
Modern Skills for Individuals - For Brighter Pakistan

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Training for Pakistan (TFP) is a four-year project aimed at providing participant training and capacity development services to USAID Pakistan’s contractors, grantees and partners. The Mission-wide program supports USAID sector teams—Stabilization and Governance; Education; Energy; Economic Growth/Agriculture; and Health—interested in training or exchanges for Pakistani nationals.  The Project delivers demand-driven trainings that harness the full range of participant training resources to contribute to capacity development of partners across USAID Pakistan’s portfolio.

Under this project, the United States Government through USAID is building the capacity of Pakistan’s public and private sector organizations and expanding people-to-people engagement between Pakistan and the United States through increased educational, technical, and cultural exchanges. Training and exchanges are designed to enhance the capacity of future Pakistani leaders and professionals and develop the capacity of local partners.

The Project aims to train about 6,000 local beneficiaries over the next four years.

USAID Training for Pakistan implements various training interventions such as: U.S. short- and long-term academic programs; third country short- and long-term academic programs; in-country training programs and scholarships; small grants program; follow-on programs; seminars; workshops; and more.

The Project also provides services in planning and development of training programs to the USAID Development Objective teams at the Mission and partner institutions to initiate, expand and update effective diagnostics and training strategies.  To meet emerging training needs, the Project assists and conducts needs assessments, where required; assists and prepares comprehensive annual training plans and budgets; and provides assistance in designing customized training programs.  

The Project provides services in training implementation including articulating criteria for trainee selection, identification and selection of training providers, in-depth pre-departure and pre-program preparations and orientations for participants, post-program follow-on and other customized services as required.

At the end of training programs, participants may be offered the opportunity to apply for small grants to fund development projects inspired by their training and to contribute in achieving USAID’s development objectives.